Healing events that act as a guide for the mind, body and soul.

Best-selling Author & world-traveled Producer & DJ, Erez Safar is producing events around the globe that act as a healing guide for the mind, body, and soul.

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We heal through sharing ourselves with each other

We’re all weighed down by grief, in all its varying stages. Some of us are in shock, some of us furious, some are hopeless, and some are burying ourselves in work to cope. However you might be feeling during this time, we know that you know that the time for community is NOW.

Now is the time to release some of the fear, stress, anxiety and trauma that we are all feeling. And we heal through sharing ourselves with each other.


Vibin’ in Zion

Erez Safar, who has toured the globe under his producer/dj name, Diwon will DJ an Israel and world music dance party like you’ve never experienced.

“Vibin’ in Zion’ is a night where Mizrahi, Yemenite and Sephardic music gets remixed and mashed into the sounds of today. Safar takes us on a sonic journey transporting us to our roots. From the sights, sounds, and smells, you will feel that you are in another dimension, one in which your grandparents and theirs have felt and celebrated.

The night often features artists such as Kosha Dillz &/or L’Chaim OG performing live!

Laugh Through The Heartbreak

Laugh Through The Heartbreak launched live to a sold-out crowd in the heart of NYC on 02/14/2024. This eccentric night of irreverent comedy touched on everything – from the rising antisemitism and our collective grief to our strength as an interconnected community. This animated event brought our people together for a night of joy and laughter through shared heartbreak.

This comedy series, the brainchild of Erez Safar, is a traveling ensemble that incorporates both local comics and well-known comedic voices to create an incredible night you’ll never forget. The debut performance featured comedians Daniel Ryan Spaulding, Lyle Culpeper, Kosha Dillz, & Zach Sage Fox.

PERCEPTION SHIFT (Community Engagement Event)

Safar has been traveling the globe curating community events around words and music. The event can be co-hosted by someone in your community, with Safar often available to DJ to finish off the unique collaborative experience.

With the weeks or months leading up to the event, Safar aligns with key talent in and around your community as part of the program and then navigates us through the various vibes of the evening engaging everyone in an interactive, impactful and memorable way.

If you haven’t experienced the transcendence of an open mic where we gather together to weave magic with our words, now is the time! The magical, mystical quality of vulnerability mixed with words and music where the entertainment is not brought in from the outside, it’s brought up from the inside. The best kind of art is art that’s already there but just needs to be awakened – brought forth – shared. Perception Shift manifests this in the most amazing way!

Ritual Transcendence (Baseless Love)

Uncover gems from ancient Jewish mysticism around the topic of unconditional love in the teachings of the Chassidic Masters. We’ll take a dive deep into daily practices of transformation and how to stay elevated every day.

This session focuses on how to transform and transcend what we might view as setbacks, into the most essential ingredients on the path of spiritual evolution. When looked at in this way, there really is no such thing as failure, only the ability to rise again and again.

Deep Consciousness

This event and venue is split up into two unique and distinct experiential spaces: a “lo-freq”and a “hi-freq” environment.

Lo-freq is a transformative space that offers a sound healing journey curated by h2the, followed by a series of spiritually-reviving discussions from a variety of high-level expert speakers in the field.

Hi-freq taps into higher vibrations, bringing together live performances and ecstatic dance, to create a metamorphic restorative space.

Deep Consciousness invites us all to leave our stagnant daily state and enter into a fresh and deeper realm. It is a gathering that engages everyone – no matter the level or familiarity in the space – in an interactive, impactful and memorable way to facilitate spiritual growth and healing.

Mystic Meditation (The Kabbalah of Now)

Erez Safar transports us to another realm, spiritualizing reality itself. Kabbalah means” that which is received,” In Mishlei (Proverbs) it says, “There is one who gives generously yet ends with more.” Focusing on what you don’t have often blocks the blessings trying to come your way. Focusing on what you can give actually turns you into a vessel for receiving. In this talk, Safar discusses how to be a channel for shalom (peace or wholeness) and simcha (joy).

Videos of presenters from our LA event have garnered over a million views in just a few days:

Dr. Sheila Nazarian

Influencer/Israel activist speaks!

Matthew Nouriel

Unapologetically Iranian, Jewish, & Queer, Community Engagement Director @jimena_voice & Digital Producer @telavivinstitute

Duvy Burston

Singer-songwriter debuted his song “One In Our Hearts” at the event.

Shani Atias

Israeli Actress

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Posters from Previous Programs

Based out of the stereophonic heart of Los Angeles, Erez Safar is an award-winning producer, best-selling author of Light of the Infinite, creative machine, and gallerist.

Safar was grateful to be recognized as one of the world’s most influential Jews in the Forward’s annual “Forward 50” list.

His companies have graced Billboard magazine and he has been featured in publications such as NPR and the NY Times to USA Today and the Wall Street Journal.

Praise for Erez Safar

Safar, whose family has roots in Yemen dating back over 2,000 years, is eager to raise awareness of Judaism’s cultural diversity.
Amanda Petrusich, The New York Times
The constant among Safar’s endeavors is to move his vision of Sephardic culture forward.
Tad Hendrickson, Wall Street Journal
Safar’s been called the “hardest working man in the Jewish music industry,” but in the decade since that particular accolade, he’s branched out into so much more.
Madison Margolin, Times of Israel

A Conversation between Erez Safar and Deepak Chopra

Watch this interview with Deepak Chopra with Erez Safar about the ‘Light of the Infinite’ book series (as part of Chopra’s ‘Conversation at The Intersection of Cutting Edge Science and Spirituality.’)

Praise for Safar’s Light of the Infinite

Safar’s [Light of the Infinite] book series shines the light on the Torah – not just being a spiritual book of historic tales, but of the stories that outline the archetypal states of consciousness within our own selves
Deepak Chopra
While our culture often exacerbates feelings of inadequacy, stress, competition, and isolation, Erez Safar’s Light of the Infinite offers a welcome illumination of philosophies and practices that calm inner turmoil and cultivate positivity. We are all seeking joy and harmony inside and outside ourselves… this book provides valuable tools to advance that quest.
Shepard Fairey, Obey Giant
For readers who are new to these practices of Judaism, every page will have a new concept they can take with them on their own journey.
Brian Fishbach, Jewish Journal
These pages are filled with love for G-d, Torah and the Jewish people
David Sacks, The Simpsons
As author Erez Safar points out, “Becoming the hero of our own story” is the essence of Jewish learning. Light of the Infinite is a wonderful new resource for the study of the profound ideas of Judaism. The book is written with passion, depth, and most importantly – joy.
Stephen Tobolowsky actor and author of My Adventures with God
Erez does an elegant job of distilling and synthesizing scripture and commentary, particularly the gematria and the Kabbalistic wisdom, in a deeply accessible way. Reading these pieces every day will enrich anyone’s life, and profoundly increase their Jewish knowledge.
Adam Mansbach, author of Go the F**k to Sleep
The authentic spiritual searcher of today won’t compromise on anything less than drinking from a fountain of authenticity. This is precisely what one can find when delving into the treasure of teachings of my dear friend, Erez Safar, who has beautifully provided the manuscript in front of you.
Rav Shlomo Katz
Whether you’re newly curious about Jewish texts or a seasoned talmudist, Light of the Infinite will surprise and delight you. Drawing on a broad range of Jewish sources, Safar weaves seamless lessons of life, love, joy and transcendence. Highly recommended!
Salvador Litvak, Accidental Talmudist
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