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Based out of the stereophonic heart of Los Angeles, Erez Safar is an award-winning producer, best-selling author of Light of the Infinite, creative machine, and gallerist.

Safar was grateful to be recognized as one of the world’s most influential Jews in the Forward’s annual “Forward 50” list.

His companies have graced Billboard magazine and he has been featured in publications such as NPR and the NY Times to USA Today and the Wall Street Journal.

Safar is also the Founder/CEO of Bancs Media, an award winning production & Marketing company, along with Highku, digital marketing in the Cannabis space, Slay Sonics, a powerhouse indie resource and music marketing platform, The Elemental Life, and Guru and You, a telemedicine treatment platform, and the co-founder of Gallery 38, a creative art space and art gallery in Los Angeles.

Safar has also launched a new project, titled Don’t Block Your Blessings, to honor his mom’s memory, the goal is to collect and present an online living library of stories, performances, light and love to a world in need of healing. 

The DBYB Festival boasts three interactive rooms on an exclusive virtual platform allowing festival goers to jump from room to room attending talks and sessions, accessing musical performances, and viewing live art as its created. The last festival featured cast members from Broadway’s Hamilton joining The-Piano-Art-Project. People all over the world have been sharing videos of positivity and perspective as part of it, including Justin Long (Waiting, Accepted, Dodgeball)David Sacks (writer of The Simpsons)Autumn Reeser (Entourage, The OC), Mayim Byalik (Blossom, Big Bang Theory), and Wayne Coyne (The Flaming Lips).

Safar is dedicated to bringing diverse people together through education workshops and public appearances with his artists and creating safe spaces for dialog and healing. Safar’s eclectic skill set, varied experience, and passion to help others gives him a unique perspective and insight into a broad variety of critical topics that affect us all.

IG: @erezsafar
FB: erezsafar

Praise for Erez Safar

Safar, whose family has roots in Yemen dating back over 2,000 years, is eager to raise awareness of Judaism’s cultural diversity.
Amanda Petrusich, The New York Times
The constant among Safar’s endeavors is to move his vision of Sephardic culture forward.
Tad Hendrickson, Wall Street Journal
Safar’s been called the “hardest working man in the Jewish music industry,” but in the decade since that particular accolade, he’s branched out into so much more.
Madison Margolin, Times of Israel

Light of the Infinite (Book Series) by Erez Safar

Fall in love with life, through weekly bursts of ancient Jewish mystic inspiration!

In this Light of the Infinite book series, Erez Safar acts as your spiritual DJ, curating mystical insights on each weekly Torah portion and expounding on the infinite light of Kabbalah radiating through the Torah.

We cannot choose our blessings or how much light we will receive, but we can continually work to craft ourselves into vessels that are open to receiving – and giving – blessings of light.

“Safar’s [Light of the Infinite] book series shines the light on the Torah – not just being a spiritual book of historic tales, but of the stories that outline the archetypal states of consciousness within our own selves.”
Deepak Chopra 

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