Brought to you by best-selling Author & world-traveled Producer & DJ, Erez Safar, Deep Consciousness is an event that acts as a healing guide for the mind, body, and soul.

This event and venue is split up into two unique and distinct experiential spaces:
a “lo-freq”and a “hi-freq” environment.


Lo-freq is a transformative space that offers a sound healing journey curated by h2the, followed by a series of spiritually-reviving discussions from a variety of high-level expert speakers in the field.


Hi-freq taps into higher vibrations, bringing together live performances and ecstatic dance, to create a metamorphic restorative space.

Deep Consciousness invites us all to leave our stagnant daily state and enter into a fresh and deeper realm. It is a gathering that engages everyone – no matter the level or familiarity in the space – in an interactive, impactful and memorable way to facilitate spiritual growth and healing.

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