Tallit Gadol ‘Am Yisrael Chai’ (Blue & White)


This new and improved Tallit Gadol is one begged (instead of us sewing many sudras together to make the begged!). It measures 72 x 60 inches and features our original Am Yisrael Chai blue & white design along with the the star of David’s throughout.

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This striking Am Israel Chai tallit makes for the perfect gift for the spiritual Semitic blending a fresh new fashion spin on an ancient tradition.

The garment is partially lined which reinforces corners and each garment comes with 100% Kosher Wool Tzitzit, also available with Tchelet & Rambam tie.

100% cotton, 72″ x 60″

Note: This custom made tallit is partly lined with hand sewn eyelids holes with Kosher wool tzitzis. Available in both Ashkenazi, Safardi, and Rambam knotted tzitzit as well as tchelet. Please allow a few weeks for production of the garment and tying of the tzitzit.


Ashkenazi knotted tzitzis + $0, Safardi knotted tzitzis + $0, Tchelet Ashkenazi knotted tzitzis + $25, Tchelet Safardi knotted tzitzis + $25, Tchelet RAMBAM knitted tzitzit + $75

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