Semitic Sudra/Keffiyeh TZITZIT (Blue, White & Grey)


These one of a kind tzitzit are made out of 2 Israeli Sudra/Keffiyeh sewn, crafted and tied in NYC. In our effort to make the ultimate tzitzit, we completely redesigned this begged (garment) by connecting the sides, for a more comfortable fit, with enough length in order to make them Kosher tzitzit. The strings are 100% wool, 100% kosher and are available in Ashkenazi and Sephardi knots.

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Blue & White


Ashkenazi , Sephardi


Ashkenazi knotted tzitzis + $0, Safardi knotted tzitzis + $0, Tchelet Ashkenazi knotted tzitzis + $20, Tchelet Safardi knotted tzitzis + $20, Tchelet RAMBAM knitted tzitzit + $75

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