Words of Hope and Healing



Explore how even in heartbreak and darkness we return to our Source and feel fully aligned.

Unit Gadsar Nachal Miluilim Chativa 6228, reunited globally, fights bravely amid tragedy, mourning the loss of a member. Help equip and support them by contributing to supplies through Venmo: @MoriahNManning

Remembering אייל קליין may his Neshama have the highest Aliyah and his memory be a blessing.🕊️


Alison Avigail Serour, Allegra Marino Shmulevsky, Ari Lesser, Ayelet Polonsky, DAVID SACKS, Daniel Silverstein, Erez Safar, Eitan Ben Avraham, ISAAC GUT, Jackie Hyman, Kosha Dillz, Moish Feiglin, Reb Leibish, Shmuel Perkel, Sunny Levy,& Yocheved SidofF

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Featuring: Chaya Lester, Devorah Sisso, Eliyahu Pereira, Isaac Gut, Jon Perry, Micaela Ezra, Mikey Pauker, Moshe Gersht, Orly Wahba, Pashut Jabotinsky, Rabbi Raps, Reb Adam Yitzchak Polinovskiy, Yehezkel Abulafia, Yehoshua Miller, Yehuda Hakohen, Yom Tov Glaser, & more!

Light of the Infinite (Book Series) by Erez Safar

Fall in love with life, through weekly bursts of ancient Jewish mystic inspiration!

In this Light of the Infinite book series, I act as your spiritual DJ, curating mystical insights into the weekly Torah portion and the infinite light of Kabbalah. Just like on the dance floor, where the right song at the right moment can elevate your physical being, it’s my hope that this book will elevate your spiritual being in the moments when you need it most. 

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