We need to tap into ourselves, and even more so, our Source, the Light of Infinite and trust that all is in the hands of God, and that all will be for the best. Trusting the process and the path towards a perfected state that we could align with at any point. Just as God sustains and recreates the world at every moment we too are creating the reality of our own journey from moment to moment. If we feel we are going in the wrong direction, we can turn it around right then. It may take a while to feel aligned again, but we can be sure of being on the path towards alignment.

Stay tuned for the full video tomorrow and the full festival on Tuesday! I literally couldn’t be more excited!! @theLightofInfinite Festival is the first Torah/Kabbalah Festival of its kind and it will feature some of your favorite souls! & it’s FREE with an RSVP!

The dream line-up of epic souls includes:

@RabbiHarry in conversation with @RoMarley (about his father, Bob Marley’s music legacy and its connection to the Torah), Mendel Kalmenson (Positivity Bias) in conversation with @Erranbc Baron Cohen, Chaim Kramer (@Breslov_bri), @GedaleFenster (Breslov Center), plus a star-studded line up including;

@Moshavband, @RabbiShlomoKatz, Yehudis Golshevsky, Joey Rosenfeld, @DavidSacksspiritualtools, @LChaimOG, Yitzchak Attias, Zevi Slavin – @SeekersofUnity, @Reb_Leibish, @AccidentalTalmudist, Erez ‘@Diwon’ Safar, @Esthermusic, @EnergyRabbi, @RabbiYomTov Glaser, Nili Salem, @Devorah_Sisso, @B.e.n.j.i.E.l.s.o.n, @Saul.Blinkoff, @Yarin_Weltsman, @DrBenjyEpstein, Ayelet Polonsky – @themanifestationmindset, @YehudahHaKohen, @YaakovLehman, @YochevedSidof, @RinaPerkel, @OrlyWahba, @YonasanPerry, @KoshaDillz, Dov Bear, Yocheved Godsi, @Saul.Kaye, @breathandsoul_Jenna, @Pesach_Stadlin, Chana Mason, Shalom Lebowitz – @shefaband, @ChayalesterKaplan, Pashut Jabotinsky, Michael Benmeleh – @thelighthouseproject, & many more!