I’m always blown away by the wisdom and depth of David Sacks (writer & producer of The Simpsons). I feel honored to call David a friend, he’s an inspiring spiritualist, and I always tell people, you can listen to one minute of David Sacks and even in such a brief moment, there is so much that it’s hard to go about life in the same way. The idea is to always tap into the wisdom that is being presented to us from moment to moment and use it elevate our journey. With that said, it was an honor to have him as a guest on #ElevateEveryday.

[Please note: This was recorded as an Instagram live and because of that format, there are delays, you will notice them when it sounds like we are speaking over each other, it’s a glitch and delayed audio, so it plays one over the other. Sorry about that, hoping this glitch will resolve moving forward.]