Today was dope, my homie @Phreeart hit me up to see if I wanted to roll by his new gallery. I had no idea he had one, but he does and it’s about to open! I walk in and it’s got this feel of a space that would have been in Love Jones had Love Jones taken place in Amsterdam. He’s been through a lot these past couple years. Someone I knew who once was respected in the fashion and art world and who scams a lot of people came after Phree with a bunch of lies and ridiculous stories in the hopes of getting money from him. Thank God they were easy to prove false. Anyone who knows Phree knows he is the sweetest soul you’ll encounter and how bizarre it is that someone would even fabricate or hope to win a lawsuit of lies against him.

Phree was of course proven innocent and fully Phree again and now has his own gallery! I can’t imagine how tough it was to go through all of that, but to see him on the other end, Phree as ever, just makes me so happy and inspired.
As I was leaving he mentioned a fashion store next door called, @zoesvintique. I know Zoe because before she moved to where Phree is now, she was next door to my gallery @Gallery38, I was so stoked to see her again and immediately sent a photo of her to my gallery partner @artabovereality. It’s these moments in life where everything feels super connected that I love the most.