I was sitting down at my gate… you know the section where you could plug in… and as I awaited for them to call Group C… I saw these dudes in a zone, one in which I generally am when I got my headphones on… But this was different, it was two people listening to their music together and vibin out in sync and in a state of bliss. I took my phone out and pretended to do something on it while I captured the moment for my h2the stories. Then they started to get even more into it, at that point I turned to them and was like, “I gotta get this on film” they were psyched. I then told them I had already secretly filmed them and posted it, they were still psyched lol. So here it is, just another magical moment in life… so many to appreciate, sometimes you gotta just stop and capture it.

Much love to my SXSW Fly a$$ Gate homies Tanner Molique x @prodbyterrificc.