Erez Safar
Jimmy Cobb

Jimmy Cobb was the last surviving member and the pulse of King of Blue, an lp that sounds like a dream and is one of jazz’s most iconic and enduring albums. I’m lost in it as I type this… #rip #jazzlegend

SMF 13!?

The Shemspeed fest live-stream was so dope and also proved that there is such a need and that the platform works!!;) It was great prep for the h2the lo-fi live-stream on May 21st. I was thinking it may be time for the 13th SEPHARDIC MUSIC FESTIVAL – a week long music, education and art celebration that has been profiled with a two page story in both the Wall Street Journal and NY Times as well as covered by NPR and CBS and more. Past performers include the epic; Hadag Nachash,… Continue Reading


Bird never talked about music, except one time I heard him arguing with a classical musician friend of mine. He told the cat that you can do anything with chords. I disagreed, told him that you couldn’t play D natural in the fifth bar of a B flat blues. He said you could. One night later on at Birdland, I heard Lester Young do it, but he bent the note. Bird was there when it happened and he just looked over at me with that “I told you so” look… Continue Reading

@thesemitic #squad

Love watching my fav artist do his thing, @bydovi

Love watching my fav artist do his thing, @bydovi

אין לנו מלך אלה אתה

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I didn’t actually realize how much of a food hippie I am

I didn’t actually realize how much of a food hippie I am, till I made my daily tea this morning … #applecidervinegar #burdockroot #gingerroot

Thanks for quarantuning-in!

Thanks for quarantuning-in! // the set will play on @dashradio x @deliciousvinyl on Thurs!

The time I produced an all vocal record

When you clean and prep for Passover, don’t forget the ultimate primer, this classic Rap & Beat Box album, Sefira, made for the time when some Jews refrain from listening to live music. I got my brothers, Y-Love and Yuri Lane to lay down an all vocal hip-hop record with over seven tracks to correspond to the seven weeks of the Sefira (Passover-Shavuot). The first single, “Watch” is about keeping the history of the Passover alive. Every year the Jewish Nation leaves Egypt; from exile to one step closer to… Continue Reading

Stream my latest song, Light of the Sun!

It’s here! Bonhom’s – “Light of the Sun”, this is the second single off our upcoming third album dubbed, “Love Is War”. We always try to bring our genre-defying style to it, but this def has a rock edge as my bro, James sings, “Are you having fun with a loaded gun, aimed right at my heart?” repeating, “Love is War”. Songs by Bonhom find themselves all over TV having been played and premiered on Bravo, Lifetime, and MTV, and premiered on shows such as Marvel’s Runaways, Vanderpump Rules, Elementary, and… Continue Reading

Photos & Art from Bancs Gallery at the LA Art Fair!

This year’s LA Art Show was incredible, thousands of people came by our two Bancs Gallery booths and showed so much love. Jeneane Grotewiel’s fine art brought lots of art enthusiasts and Shlome J. Hayun’s modern art pieces were probably the most photographed of the entire convention center. The LA Art Show took place, Feb 5th – 9th, 2020, at the Los Angeles Convention Center and is the West Coast’s most comprehensive art experience. For all press and art inquiries, email Select pieces from Bancs Gallery at the LA Art Show are… Continue Reading

Just finished a freestyle cypher, en route to San Diego, started by my 3 year old who completely destroyed it. Best line was prob, “walk-in like a wockstar, walking like a rockstar, rocking like rockstar” then of course went on to describe other things that could be done whilst remaining rockstarish.


Today was dope, my homie @Phreeart hit me up to see if I wanted to roll by his new gallery. I had no idea he had one, but he does and it’s about to open! I walk in and it’s got this feel of a space that would have been in Love Jones had Love Jones taken place in Amsterdam. He’s been through a lot these past couple years. Someone I knew who once was respected in the fashion and art world and who scams a lot of people came… Continue Reading