Erez Safar
A Love Supreme

“A Love Supreme”, it wasn’t the time I learned heavily about conflict resolution in music, but it may as well have been as it’s the most prominent. The song has every emotion, every surprise, every possibility in it, it’s a world that hints to itself but also to all that isn’t there. There is no life in a moment that isn’t in this, all of the layers, all of the ways, all of everything, somehow in all of it. The walls of sound that surround.

h2the’s beginning

I started h2the a year ago and just looked to see how many songs I’ve made so far… looks like a few.. here are the names; 3 shots Antiquity was the excuse for their tardiness Back alley blues in front of the passerby Beautiful Losers Break the Chain By the time they came by Can’t Take It All Chasing The Clouds From The Sun Clock Strikes Back To Now Cold and Calculated Love Spent Dark days faded like the light ones always did Disposition was at her disposal Every feeling was… Continue Reading

Catch me in Vegas at the Emerge Fest!

Catch me as h2the performing and speaking at the EMERGE – MUSIC + IMPACT CONFERENCE in Vegas along with some of your favorite artists and speakers including @okgo @dylanmarron @sirthebaptist @impoppy @jillsobule @cucopuffs @hurrayfortheriffraff @waxa_katie @cupcakkeafreakk @grandsonsucks and lots more! And of course, @Noisey music by @Vice. ⇨ Emerge Music + Impact Conference (April 6-8, 2018) is a three-day tastemaker experience born in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip.The event will bring 100 emerging musicians, 30 thought leaders and 25 curators together for a weekend of music and learning programming highlighting a wide range of socially… Continue Reading

I only see light, the darkness is only so I know what to walk past

Miles Ahead of y’all

This Rostam record is just too good and the lyrics so original; Two boys, one to kiss your neck And one to bring you breakfast Get you out of bed when You’re sore from the night before From knocking on my door Your head against the floor boards Two boys, one to love you sweetly One does so discreetly Never will he meet me But I’m sure that you’ll catch your breath You’ll sleep into the day To wake up with sunlight across your room

Catch me and my Gallery at Art Basel’s SCOPE and AQUA ART FAIRS!

I could not be more excited that my gallery, Gallery 38 will be exhibiting at both SCOPE and AQUA for this year’s Art Basel ! See you all next week! Info below; SCOPE International Contemporary Art Show: Gallery 38 is back at Scope International Contemporary Art Show in Miami Beach, presenting a new and exciting series of work by King Saladeen. Find us at booth E29 | December 5th-10th, 2017. SCOPE is located @ 801 Ocean Dr, Miami Beach, FL 33139 | AQUA Art Miami: Gallery 38 will present a group show at this… Continue Reading

FANTASMA Weekly on DASH Radio

Tune in to FANTASMA, my h2the weekly radio show, launches tomorrow on Dash Radio. Every Thurs from 6-7pm! ◻️◽️▫️ ⇨ Tune in on the DASH app and @

Bleachers – Don’t Take The Money (h2the x Slvmber Remix)

Update: I won! Thanks! Check out and vote for this remix I did as h2the with Slvmber of Jack Antonoff’s Bleachers – Don’t Take The Money single! “I really love Jack’s vocals on this and wanted to flipp it with some reverse h2the synths and hip hop drums and thought Slvmber would be perfect to collaborate with on this one, so we did a bit of back and forth to bring something both retro and fresh to not taking money.” – h2the. listen to the full song & vote for this… Continue Reading

Remixed Curb Your Enthusiasm at The Comedy Store Tonight

Had fun remixing Curb Your Enthusiasm with Kosha Dillz at the Comedy Store tonight before Jeff Garlin! Ian Bagg from NBC’s Last Comedy Standing was hilarious and it was great to see Chris Spencer from one of my fav new shows with Kevin Hart (Co-executive producer of Real Husbands of Hollywood). Might upload a clip from the remix, stay tuned. Photo of Jeff improving and bringing the house down!

Took my kid out for some Chinese and he asks me if fidget spinners were made in China. I said yea, and he goes, so are they making them in the back?

h2the Sector: AB Motion Graphics

I played my new h2the video/beat to my friend Natan Winkler and he told me it reminds him of ‘Ready Player One’, Ernest Cline’s novel that Steven Spielberg is turning into a movie. Click here to listen/watch! with visuals by UM

I was trying to explain to my kid that you can’t always get what you want. So, I said, “All I want to do right now is put on every Chaplin flick and make some pop corn and have some chocolate and watch all of them with you.” He goes, “yea, me too, that sounds awesome.” I’m like, “no, no my point is that we can’t do that…lol”.

Pre-Game and an old friend

Just got a message from an old high school friend of mine and he goes, “Fyi my almost 5 year old daughter loves pre-game. We listen to it in the car all the time.” So, i just replied, “This is the best thing I have ever heard in my life” and he continues, “She loves hip hop beats and quality instrumentals are few and far between. It’s really a piece of art and you should be really proud.” I’m so stoked right now, gonna make some more of this music….for… Continue Reading