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En route to DC to visit my mom

En route to DC to visit my mom (& sister). Unfortunately my mom is not doing well, I’ve been praying and saying Tehillim in hopes of the spiritual world intervening with this physical world for her rn. Feels weird to quote John Mayer, but I can’t not hear him singing… pleading even.. “Keep me where the Light is”. The Arizal teaches that the spiritual worlds are in constant flux, making each new day an entirely new creation (Eitz Chaim 1:5). Reb Noson (mi Breslov) explains that renewing the Act of… Continue Reading

Anytime I’m having a really stressful day, I just take my kids to the beach and it’s the best thing ever! All Praise Due for my #Beastie crew💜.

This is America.

This is America. This is not working. Everything is on pause until things change in a major way. I can’t believe there is still this obsession with skin tone and that it fills disgusting people with hate and horrific acts. I’m praying for change, I’m praying for justice for George Floyd, I’m praying and acting on real change. As Nelson Mandela said, ‘No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin.’ We need to eradicate racism and this fixation on skin tone. 2020 has been… Continue Reading

Release Party Recap for An Album of Lo-Fi Songs That Will Never Trend!

I have never felt this much support for a release in all my life and from all over the globe! Love y’all this was incredible, FaReal!!! Now go to Spotify & Youtube and watch/listen to the album, An Album of Lo-Fi Song That Will Never Trend🙏🏽Some of the performances and live painting are still up and archival at go watch and donate to @nokidhungry see you at the next @lofreqfest 😉 Thank you to Billboard for featuring the first @lofreqfest and to all the artists that trusted my vision and just went for it! –… Continue Reading

Jimmy Cobb

Jimmy Cobb was the last surviving member and the pulse of King of Blue, an lp that sounds like a dream and is one of jazz’s most iconic and enduring albums. I’m lost in it as I type this… #rip #jazzlegend

SMF 13!?

The Shemspeed fest live-stream was so dope and also proved that there is such a need and that the platform works!!;) It was great prep for the h2the lo-fi live-stream on May 21st. I was thinking it may be time for the 13th SEPHARDIC MUSIC FESTIVAL – a week long music, education and art celebration that has been profiled with a two page story in both the Wall Street Journal and NY Times as well as covered by NPR and CBS and more. Past performers include the epic; Hadag Nachash,… Continue Reading


Bird never talked about music, except one time I heard him arguing with a classical musician friend of mine. He told the cat that you can do anything with chords. I disagreed, told him that you couldn’t play D natural in the fifth bar of a B flat blues. He said you could. One night later on at Birdland, I heard Lester Young do it, but he bent the note. Bird was there when it happened and he just looked over at me with that “I told you so” look… Continue Reading

@thesemitic #squad

Love watching my fav artist do his thing, @bydovi

Love watching my fav artist do his thing, @bydovi

אין לנו מלך אלה אתה

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I didn’t actually realize how much of a food hippie I am

I didn’t actually realize how much of a food hippie I am, till I made my daily tea this morning … #applecidervinegar #burdockroot #gingerroot

Thanks for quarantuning-in!

Thanks for quarantuning-in! // the set will play on @dashradio x @deliciousvinyl on Thurs!

The time I produced an all vocal record

When you clean and prep for Passover, don’t forget the ultimate primer, this classic Rap & Beat Box album, Sefira, made for the time when some Jews refrain from listening to live music. I got my brothers, Y-Love and Yuri Lane to lay down an all vocal hip-hop record with over seven tracks to correspond to the seven weeks of the Sefira (Passover-Shavuot). The first single, “Watch” is about keeping the history of the Passover alive. Every year the Jewish Nation leaves Egypt; from exile to one step closer to… Continue Reading