Erez Safar
back stage with h2the live band at sxsw

This is the h2the SXSW live band and I couldn’t be more stoked and honored to be playing with these artists who flew from all over to make this happen! Much love to Dugans, Austin Steele, Alexander Morgan, & FLAVIA .

Doing a mural that says, “I don’t mind the pain, I turn it into beauty and the beauty washes it away”. Who’s got a wall for me?

I’m almost positive they called C. So I stood in the appropriate place in this Southwest Airlines line. This girl was standing along the 46-50 pole and I’m 42 so I went in front of her. A little while passed and she realized she should have gone on the plane and looks at me asking with a disgusted expression, “wait your a C?” I said “um, yes”, and she looks back, “I’m a B” and darts off….


Pre-save/Pre-order this beautiful song I co-produced with Nathan Ben David (side note; Hannah has one of my fav voices, mixing Americana, folk and a little country twangness to the mix of epicness)

Anderson. Paak and Low End Theory

I played Low End Theory a few years ago with Anderson .Paak and have since been obsessed with his music. It’s just too good, he touches on the same stuff I try to with my Dreams in Static music. #CurtisMayfield x #SamCooke 👊🏽. Also, we got behind the record on Anderson .Paak’s new album, ‘Oxnard’ with my new company, Slay Sonics . It’s one of the most anticipated albums of the year, and it’s finally here! .Paak tells Billboard it’s the album he’s dreamed of making since he was in high school…. Continue Reading

My kid went on youtube to search for ‘masterbuilders’…so glad he could spell! #closecall #lego!

Vintage Savta

Here’s a vintage photo of my Savta (grandma) and Sabba (grandpa). My family originates from Yemen, where my ancestors had lived for close to 2,000 years. Nearly 100 years ago, my Grandmother’s side of the family decided to move to Adis Ababa, Ethiopia and then to Israel, in 1933 (Southern Syria/Mandate Palestine at the time). On my Grandfather’s side, our family emigrated to Israel in 1924. Jews are indigenous to the Middle East, people need to get their facts right. So many folks throw around anti-Semitic rhetoric acting like Israel… Continue Reading

Banksy ain’t helping anyone

I saw Banksy’s hateful poster that promotes division. We are pro people (pro Israeli and pro Palestinian), but that poster was disgusting and didn’t promote anything positive and will not bring any good. I worked on this with my friend Sey x Yes as a response, something positive, something hopeful, something that shows the diversity and reality. Now more than ever, we need to come together, and push positivity, dialogue, solutions, not hate and division which graphic propaganda and misinformation does not promote. That poster reminded me of what Hitler commissioned,… Continue Reading

Ad-rock, Mike D and me.

On my way to see these two and do a story on them, and I couldn’t be more excited! The only Beastie I haven’t met yet is sir Ad-rock, so I’m incredibly stoked, as they are the single biggest influence on all the music, art and film that I do.

h2the Labor Day

Mark your Datebooks, I’ll be doing a special live set with my fav bassist and some epic vocalists -> Kendall Lake, Woolf, R E L, Novi and some surprise guests! Labor Day | Sept 3rd | 10pm | The Mint in LA. Free with RSVP at

Playing my mom my next songs in the car and she goes, “I love it, but what do you do with all them, do you make money with it, do people even listen to it?” lol… I’m like, well, some tv shows and movies and some people on Spotify, but mainly me over and over as I produce and mix… For those that have mixed a track and are obsessive, you know exactly what I’m talking about… For everyone else, check out The Bancs Music Playlist on Spotify and Apple Music.

Hebrew Garbage Pail Kids

Whoa, I completely forgot about the Hebrew Garbage Pail Kids!!! Good thing my kid is a nosey mofo and went through all the things in my old room 😜🙌🏽

I’m playing back the videos of my kid skating to my kid rn and he asks if I could add my song to it, and says “what about that last one you did that’s your best one yet, and I like the h2the ones a lot..” I freakin love this kid and his support 😉

My kids like, “I like this song” so I let him know it’s a song I made years ago and he turns to me and says, “whoa, music kinda gives me confidence!”