The flip side of sleep and dreams is the one-sixtieth of death, and the flip side of faith is doubt which begins a vicious cycle of anxiety and brings us further from faith and peace. Many have been taught and can certainly feel that Shabbat is one-sixtieth of the World to Come, that is why the world to come is referred to as kulo Shabbat. When we keep Shabbat fully, when we pause on interfering with creation and meditate on creation itself, we can lessen our anxiety, we can tap into oneness, we can doubt less because we can feel and be mindful of that the Source of Creation is in charge, that we can only push ourselves to a point and then let fate free us from our worries. Shabbat is a time in space that we could feel unbound by both time and space because we are fully connected to the infinite, one-sixtieth of infinity to be exact.
I thought I’d end this one with a poem by Rav Kook;

Expanses, expanses
Expanses my soul craves
Do not confine me in any cage,
Neither material nor spiritual,
My soul soars through the heavens,
Walls of the heart will not contain it,
Nor will the walls of deeds, morals, logic or propriety.
Above all these my soul soars and flies,
Above all that can be named,
Above all delight, pleasantness and beauty,
Above all that is exalted and noble.
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