This is America. This is not working. Everything is on pause until things change in a major way. I can’t believe there is still this obsession with skin tone and that it fills disgusting people with hate and horrific acts. I’m praying for change, I’m praying for justice for George Floyd, I’m praying and acting on real change. As Nelson Mandela said, ‘No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin.’ We need to eradicate racism and this fixation on skin tone. 2020 has been very difficult, dark and sad, but from darkness comes the greatest light. Let’s shine that light, expose what is wrong and not working and act on positive change.

For one, the system ain’t working. If you saw Derek Chauvin’s record and history, you would ask how he still had a badge and was still allowed to be a cop. How many more innocent people will be murdered by the ones that are meant to protect them, before they realize this is horrific and has real long term ramifications beyond the horrific death of just the ones that are killed. The police departments cannot be instruments of oppression, brutality and mass incarceration. American policing has to change.

The Talmud teaches that man was created alone to teach you that whoever kills one life kills the entire world, and whoever saves one life saves the entire world. Save every George Floyd, save the world.