If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

My mom always had a positive outlook and judged everyone favorably, Reb Nosson speaks about this at length in Halacha Aleph in Likutei Halachot. I’ll be expounding on this in many ways in a new project I’m working on called @dontblockyourblessings in memory of my mother, and in memory of my kids moms Bubbie, who also had an incredible outlook and light about her, always showing love and uplifting everyone around her, just like my mother.

As Mendel Kalmenson explains, ‘Just like light in the famous wave-particle duality of quantum mechanics, all life can be seen as a jumble of independent, isolated particles, or as a unified wave form, with every part connected to every other part, depending on how we view it.’

Focus on the good, focus on God. View everything as connected and as One. I will do all I can to honor her memory and inspire the world the way she inspired and supported me. Celebrating the good points, and that blessings brings more blessings and Light. Here’s to a new world with Light that shines over all the darkness.

* Frida Levona bat Shalom, May her beautiful neshama have an ALIYAH, ברוך דיין האמת