The most magnificent edifices, most beautiful temples and monuments of
worldly glory, are repulsive to the man of piety when they are built
by the sweat and tears of suffering slaves, or erected through
injustice and fraud. Hypocrisy and pretense of devoutness are more
distasteful to him than open iniquity. But in the roughened, soiled
hands of devoted parents, or in the maimed bodies and bruised faces of
those who have been persecuted but have kept faith with God, he may
detect the last great light on earth. – Heschel.

Once a year, every year, every Jew is commanded to relive the
experience of Egypt as a constant reminder of the bread of oppression
and bitter herbs of slavery – to know that the battle for freedom is
never finally won, but must be fought in every generation. – Sacks

So with this Passover, “Do not ill-treat a stranger or oppress him,
for you were strangers in Egypt.” (Exodus 22:20). See all the beauty
and similarities instead of the differences that often unfortunately
separate, but see the ‘Other” with pure curiosity, beauty and love.

#MoshiachNow, wishing you a blessed holiday!

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