My kid said everyone put Supreme stickers on their notebooks, I rolled my eyes just as Barbara Kruger would. He already plasters everything (skateboard, room etc) with my h2the stickers, so I said feel free to grab my old label stickers and punk out your notebook, so in order; MaxB (my homie who was on a few projects on my first label, Modular Moods, and the genius behind Beatbox TV), Bonhom (my band that gets all dem tv syncs), Juez (my college band that toured Moscow while we were in college, one of the best trips of my life, bringing breakbeat klezmer jazz and my insane drumming to them Ruskies… oh, to Matisyahu’s drummer, sorry for bleeding on your drum set at The Blackcat in DC, but we were just in the zone…), bellflur (the first rock band I signed after my own which was called InSatiable JonZe which I played guitar in and we were instrumental…literally), Modular Moods (the label I started in college, my first release was by the Educated Consumers, an ahead of its time hip hop album that we got on the CMJ Top 10 Hip Hop charts), and lastly h2the (the music name I go by now for my main solo music & visual project..).