I started h2the a year ago and just looked to see how many songs I’ve made so far… looks like a few.. here are the names;

3 shots
Antiquity was the excuse for their tardiness
Back alley blues in front of the passerby
Beautiful Losers
Break the Chain
By the time they came by
Can’t Take It All
Chasing The Clouds From The Sun
Clock Strikes Back To Now
Cold and Calculated Love Spent
Dark days faded like the light ones always did
Disposition was at her disposal
Every feeling was paired with an invitation
From the outside it was all the better
Gotta Let You Go
He never did warm up to the idea
Heading back to it all
Her head was spinning from the merlot
Hills out of Valleys and Wine
Ignite Wonderland
It Was All The (Fashion)
It Was The Ladder That Broke Her Spirit
It wasn’t the last stance
Just Past Self Consiousness
Just then she looked at me
Late into the night they found the time
Lost In A Sea Of Diamonds None As Real As
More Elegant Than The Things They Carried
No Fun Pills
Past An Ideal Future
Presence Plays Part in Persistence
Rumble in the Jungle
Sliding Backwards Through Only An Element
Slower Than The Modern Waves
Slowly Ahead of Nothing At All
Take It Take It
The Darkest of Nights Brought the Brightest of Moods
The eyes never stole a glance
The Interior Is All That They Needed
The ones that stayed
The Sins of Saints
The sound of guests was too much
The type of Oversimplification
Thirteen of them came by way of
This time it was different
To The Other Pacing Away
To the side of it all laid some of it
Towards the back of the boudoir
Washed Away Fire
Wilderness and patience, the city’s demise

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