Catch me as h2the performing and speaking at the EMERGE – MUSIC + IMPACT CONFERENCE in Vegas along with some of your favorite artists and speakers including @okgo @dylanmarron @sirthebaptist @impoppy @jillsobule @cucopuffs @hurrayfortheriffraff @waxa_katie @cupcakkeafreakk @grandsonsucks and lots more!

And of course, @Noisey music by @Vice.

⇨ Emerge Music + Impact Conference (April 6-8, 2018) is a three-day tastemaker experience born in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip.The event will bring 100 emerging musicians, 30 thought leaders and 25 curators together for a weekend of music and learning programming highlighting a wide range of socially conscious topics.

⇨ ⇨ Save 10% Off Your Tickets with Discount Code: “h2the” at the following link:

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