Erez Safar
Banksy ain’t helping anyone

I saw Banksy’s hateful poster that promotes division. We are pro people (pro Israeli and pro Palestinian), but that poster was disgusting and didn’t promote anything positive and will not bring any good. I worked on this with my friend Sey x Yes as a response, something positive, something hopeful, something that shows the diversity and reality. Now more than ever, we need to come together, and push positivity, dialogue, solutions, not hate and division which graphic propaganda and misinformation does not promote. That poster reminded me of what Hitler commissioned,… Continue Reading

Ad-rock, Mike D and me.

On my way to see these two and do a story on them, and I couldn’t be more excited! The only Beastie I haven’t met yet is sir Ad-rock, so I’m incredibly stoked, as they are the single biggest influence on all the music, art and film that I do.

h2the Labor Day

Mark your Datebooks, I’ll be doing a special live set with my fav bassist and some epic vocalists -> Kendall Lake, Woolf, R E L, Novi and some surprise guests! Labor Day | Sept 3rd | 10pm | The Mint in LA. Free with RSVP at

Playing my mom my next songs in the car and she goes, “I love it, but what do you do with all them, do you make money with it, do people even listen to it?” lol… I’m like, well, some tv shows and movies and some people on Spotify, but mainly me over and over as I produce and mix… For those that have mixed a track and are obsessive, you know exactly what I’m talking about… For everyone else, check out The Bancs Music Playlist on Spotify and Apple Music.

Hebrew Garbage Pail Kids

Whoa, I completely forgot about the Hebrew Garbage Pail Kids!!! Good thing my kid is a nosey mofo and went through all the things in my old room 😜🙌🏽

I’m playing back the videos of my kid skating to my kid rn and he asks if I could add my song to it, and says “what about that last one you did that’s your best one yet, and I like the h2the ones a lot..” I freakin love this kid and his support 😉

My kids like, “I like this song” so I let him know it’s a song I made years ago and he turns to me and says, “whoa, music kinda gives me confidence!”

My kid goes, “wait, you’re going out tonight?” I said, “ya, a friends in town so gonna link up for a drink”. He goes , “ cool can you get me one for tomorrow, I’m gonna be thirsty”

Jack White x Diplo x Bonhom

My band, Bonhom , along with Jack White and Diplo all have albums coming out at midnight, totally unplanned, but if you listen to Jack White and Diplo’s albums at the same time you get the Bonhom album, enjoy!

I always love client notes and testimonials! This weeks; -> “LOVE working with Bancs Media! Erez is thorough, quick to produce and highly knowledgeable with tech + branding. Looking forward to working together again on many more projects!” Client: Tiffani Rae (Super star stylist) ** AND ** -> “The entire team at Bancs patiently and professionally listened to every detail of my wishes, and worked hard until my dreams were completely met. If you have any web needs at all, these are the guys you want to call first. And… Continue Reading

Love Is Not The End

I made the best album of my life with James Coleman and it comes out on the 23rd! We go by Bonhom and it’s called, “Love Is Not The End”… but I have to say the album I made with Levi Martinez x Akie Bermiss could also be it… that one is called “Part of the Machine” and we go by Dreams in Static … either way, much love to these guys, it’s been amazing, every moment of music with them!

A Love Supreme

“A Love Supreme”, it wasn’t the time I learned heavily about conflict resolution in music, but it may as well have been as it’s the most prominent. The song has every emotion, every surprise, every possibility in it, it’s a world that hints to itself but also to all that isn’t there. There is no life in a moment that isn’t in this, all of the layers, all of the ways, all of everything, somehow in all of it. The walls of sound that surround.

h2the’s beginning

I started h2the a year ago and just looked to see how many songs I’ve made so far… looks like a few.. here are the names; 3 shots Antiquity was the excuse for their tardiness Back alley blues in front of the passerby Beautiful Losers Break the Chain By the time they came by Can’t Take It All Chasing The Clouds From The Sun Clock Strikes Back To Now Cold and Calculated Love Spent Dark days faded like the light ones always did Disposition was at her disposal Every feeling was… Continue Reading

Catch me in Vegas at the Emerge Fest!

Catch me as h2the performing and speaking at the EMERGE – MUSIC + IMPACT CONFERENCE in Vegas along with some of your favorite artists and speakers including @okgo @dylanmarron @sirthebaptist @impoppy @jillsobule @cucopuffs @hurrayfortheriffraff @waxa_katie @cupcakkeafreakk @grandsonsucks and lots more! And of course, @Noisey music by @Vice. ⇨ Emerge Music + Impact Conference (April 6-8, 2018) is a three-day tastemaker experience born in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip.The event will bring 100 emerging musicians, 30 thought leaders and 25 curators together for a weekend of music and learning programming highlighting a wide range of socially… Continue Reading