Erez Safar
Echoing in cyclical time for thousands of years

When I first heard Erez Yechiel singing “Tikkun Klali” it changed my life. I was in Uman, the city where Rabbi Nachman(1772 – 1810, was the founder of the Breslov Hasidic dynasty) was buried. There are so many moments steeped in Jewish history, mysticism, culture and melody that when I hear them, I already know I’ve heard them echoing in cyclical time for thousands of years and it inspires me to create within the space of sound and blessings. The Tikkun album inspired my Shir HaShirim album with Brody and… Continue Reading

How To Help The Sudanese Right Now

If you’ve checked the news then you already heard about the atrocities being committed in Sudan right now, (including rape, murder, other acts of extreme violence, with a nationwide internet blackout). George Clooney just published an essay on Politico about what is going on including specific ways Congress can help. You can help as well, see the list below for how; Call or text Congress: Call 202-224-3121 and enter your zip code to be connected with your congressional leader’s office, and tell them you want them to support the Sudanese people. If you prefer to… Continue Reading


Last night I BBQ’ed for dinner and told my kid, “you’re never gonna have better chicken then this”, as I stepped out to the grill all proud and he just goes, “I don’t want better chicken…” I then cracked up and we moved on to dessert… And just looking at all these tiny bites from these strawberries thrown back in the bunch, I realized my kid is like that annoying dude at the party who half drinks a bunch of beers, double dips chips, and touches each bun before picking… Continue Reading

I asked my kid jokingly, “what if you were born to someone else and you were walking with him and we passed each other in the street and you and I were like.. (i then made a face like OMG!).. and you turned to that dad asking, “hey, is it cool if I go with that guy?” I started laughing a little and he looks at me and goes, “that would be sad”, and sweetly says to me, “before I was born I looked at a million people and chose… Continue Reading

Somewhere in Tokyo (& loving it)

Just landed in Tokyo in the morning, catch me Sunday night at @TrunkHotel deploying the dopeness and a week after that with @TokyoLoveHotels at @SankeysPlayhouse. If you’re out there, hmu and we could collab, or just come out and party with us! 日本、私はあなたのために来ています | Mark your date books; 2019.5.19 Trunk(Hotels) {Tokyo}, h2the solo and 2019.5.25 at @SankeysPenthouse {Harajuku, Tokyo}{原宿}!! 🏩TOKYO LOVEHOTELS VOL.7🏩 #DONOTDISTURB🔪💕 ⠀ May 25th (Sat) 5pm-11pm @sankeyspenthouse ⠀ 👾LOVE HOTELS VIDEO GAME👾Win the game and get a free drink!🍸 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 🖤Live Music: YURIYA @yu__yalm ⠀ 🖤Live Painting: ESTERE… Continue Reading

…couple shots from the h2the live set last night with Natan Winkler, Buwi, Nathan BenDavid x Kamran Mcadam. Thanks for all that came thru to show love 🙌🏽

Sitting here thinking about the next two weeks like…

Israel’s Independence Day always gets me emotional, missing my Savta x Sabba.. they moved from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to Sana’a, Yemen and finally to Israel in 1927. My Sabba built the house that I always stayed at when visiting, with his own hands. Celebrating with my kid all these years later is a blessing and I pray for only good things 🙏🏽 As Alan Dershowitz said yesterday, “The world should join Israeli in celebrating its 71 years of statehood. The world should also recognize that if Israel’s enemies stopped attacking… Continue Reading

Passover 5779

The most magnificent edifices, most beautiful temples and monuments of worldly glory, are repulsive to the man of piety when they are built by the sweat and tears of suffering slaves, or erected through injustice and fraud. Hypocrisy and pretense of devoutness are more distasteful to him than open iniquity. But in the roughened, soiled hands of devoted parents, or in the maimed bodies and bruised faces of those who have been persecuted but have kept faith with God, he may detect the last great light on earth. – Heschel…. Continue Reading

Gate homies, Tanner Molique x @prodbyterrificc

I was sitting down at my gate… you know the section where you could plug in… and as I awaited for them to call Group C… I saw these dudes in a zone, one in which I generally am when I got my headphones on… But this was different, it was two people listening to their music together and vibin out in sync and in a state of bliss. I took my phone out and pretended to do something on it while I captured the moment for my h2the stories…. Continue Reading

back stage with h2the live band at sxsw

This is the h2the SXSW live band and I couldn’t be more stoked and honored to be playing with these artists who flew from all over to make this happen! Much love to Dugans, Austin Steele, Alexander Morgan, & FLAVIA .

Doing a mural that says, “I don’t mind the pain, I turn it into beauty and the beauty washes it away”. Who’s got a wall for me?

I’m almost positive they called C. So I stood in the appropriate place in this Southwest Airlines line. This girl was standing along the 46-50 pole and I’m 42 so I went in front of her. A little while passed and she realized she should have gone on the plane and looks at me asking with a disgusted expression, “wait your a C?” I said “um, yes”, and she looks back, “I’m a B” and darts off….